The latest on facial recognition technology, in Australia

Here’s a look at the latest developments from around the world in the field of facial recognition.

Key points:Australia’s Government has confirmed it is working with Microsoft and other software companies to develop facial recognition systems that will allow police to identify suspects on CCTV videoThe Government is in discussions with Microsoft to develop face recognition technology that can help police identify suspectsOn the face of it, the software could have many advantages over traditional facial recognition, but it could also create a new kind of crime scene detective.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is working closely with Microsoft on the development of a facial recognition system that will be used to help police track suspects who are not wearing a face recognition system.

In a statement to the ABC, the AFP said it was working closely together with Microsoft, which is working on facial-recognition software that will help police with their investigations.

“The AFP is working in close partnership with Microsoft in order to ensure our investigations are as accurate as possible, which includes developing an alternative system that allows police to quickly identify people who are seen on CCTV,” the statement read.

“This technology is already being used by local authorities across Australia, and is being developed by our partner Microsoft.”

The AFP’s announcement came after the Government announced plans to deploy facial recognition in its capital city, Canberra.

“With the Government’s decision to commit $4.5 million in funding over four years to the Australian Federal police to develop a facial detection technology that will improve the accuracy of police investigations, we are able to provide the best possible technology to police in our city,” a spokesman said.

“We are also looking forward to using this technology to assist with public safety and to identify criminals, but the Government will not be sharing its plans for use of the technology with the public.”

In response to the announcement, the Association of Australian Law Enforcement Associations (AALEA) warned that the new technology could lead to serious problems with public trust in the police.

“I think that the Australian public are very concerned about this, especially given the fact that it’s a matter that has been dealt with at the national level,” said AALEA chief executive Chris Hill.

“There’s a lot of questions around the reliability of this technology, whether it will be up to the task, what the impact will be on privacy and civil liberties, and whether it can be effectively used in a way that’s acceptable to the police.”AALAA’s chief executive, Craig Kelly, said that the technology was only being developed for use by police in the ACT.

“It’s really about police accountability, about policing accountability and it’s really important for us as members of the community to have that confidence that we can trust our police,” he said.

“But also we know that if it can’t be trusted, it’s not a good police accountability tool.”

“There is some serious privacy concerns with facial recognition.”

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