What’s the secret to making the perfect fake news story?

It’s easy to see how some fake news sites get their share of attention.

There are a lot of different kinds of content on social media and a lot more that can be shared, shared, or shared again.

And sometimes it is the best kind of content that is shared and shared again, as we’ve seen with the fake news that spread across social media during the 2016 election.

Fake news, like everything else on the internet, is constantly changing and evolving, and in this day and age it’s also easy to miss the subtle clues.

What is the key to making sure your fake news is authentic?

It’s not all about the story itself.

The best content gets shared because it makes people think about the content and the topic at hand.

So, as with everything else, you can’t just go with what’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and hope that people are going to click on your post.

So how do you find the right kind of fake news to share?

The best news to look for is news that people actually read.

It’s a lot harder to make a fake news article that people won’t believe, but it’s even harder to create one that will actually get shared.

What if your story isn’t really about the topic, but instead is a story about celebrities, politics, and the entertainment industry?

The next best thing to check is if it’s a news item that is very specific about a specific topic.

For example, if a story is about celebrities who are really popular, it could be a celebrity gossip piece that is specific to that topic.

If it’s about politics, the headline might be about the election, and then you can see if the story is also about something specific that has a political angle to it.

But in all of these cases, there are ways to look at it and figure out if it might be worth sharing.

If your story is specific about an important topic, like the Kardashians or Caitlyn Jenner, it might actually make a lot less sense to share than something that has little to do with that topic, such as a celebrity interview.

This is where your own experience, what you know about yourself, and your ability to analyze and analyze could be very helpful in finding the best content to share.

So if your topic is celebrity gossip, the best news you can share would be one about the Kardashian.

And if it has something to do on celebrities or politics, then maybe you can give the article a more general news story that could be shared on Twitter or Facebook.

There’s also a huge difference between fake news stories that are just a bunch of people talking about a particular topic and ones that are a product of a specific source.

And it is very hard to tell which is the real story, or which is just a product.

You have to be very careful with the content, but also the person, and make sure you know how to interpret it.

The key to doing this is to be able to analyze the content carefully.

You want to know if it was published by a reputable news source, and also if it had a link to a news article about the same topic.

You also want to see if it is related to something that is real.

It could be an article that you read about how to make money from online games, or it could a story that has something interesting to say about something that might be a real-life situation.

You might want to look up the news about that topic and see if you can find something related to it in the article that was written about it.

Sometimes it is better to have a fake article than not at all.

If you want to try something new, try to find a different topic, one that you don’t know much about or that you are not familiar with.

It can also be hard to find the perfect content, because it can be hard for people to judge it by its headline.

So even if you have a story on a certain topic that is completely fake, you might want another story on the topic.

Sometimes a story will make more sense if it focuses on something you don´t know much or a story you are interested in but that is not specific to the topic you are writing about.

So a story might be really useful if it talks about something else that is relevant to your subject.

Sometimes this is the case when a story has a very specific title, such a “exclusive” article about an event.

And another example is a feature on a TV show, like “This Week in TV,” where you have to watch a special that is only available for a certain time period.

You may want to share the article on a website, but you might also want someone else to read it for you.

If the story has some sort of link to the show or movie, that could also be a good thing.

If a story includes a link that leads to a specific page on a site like YouTube, it may be a very

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