Why is the DCEP not a ‘safe space’?

Posted April 09, 2019 09:19:22When the student software community was at its peak in the mid-1990s, it was a place to find students and researchers.

Now, that space has become a toxic one for some members of the community.

The Australian College of Computing (ACCC) is trying to address this issue with its new curriculum, which will teach students how to write software.

The new curriculum will be taught at four of the College’s four campuses, with the first three to be taught in September.

The courses are designed to introduce students to software development and software engineering.

They are being taught at the University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, and the University.

They are designed for students from a range of different backgrounds.

A computer science PhD student in the Faculty of Computing will teach the course on “The Basics of Software Development”, while a postgraduate student from a Computing background will teach a “The Art of Programming” course.

The College’s director of digital humanities, Dr Sarah Woodman, said the aim of the curriculum was to get students involved in the technology they work on.

“We are aiming to make the content relevant to the student, and also relevant to a range who might not be familiar with the subject matter,” she said.

“We want to encourage students to take the time to learn and to get out there and find out about it.”

So this is an exciting new direction for the College.

“The course was launched last week by the College to provide students with an alternative to “traditional” computer science courses.

ACCC deputy vice president of students, Katherine Anderson, said while the courses were aimed at “digital-age” students, they also needed to be accessible for people who were “older and more experienced”.”

The College believes that the students who take this course will have a strong foundation in their field of study, which includes computer programming, digital arts, social media, and other social sciences,” she explained.”

There is also a strong focus on digital literacy and understanding.

“Ms Anderson said the College had seen a “significant increase” in the number of students taking the course, and had also seen “a dramatic rise in the uptake of the courses over the last few years”.”

This means that we are now able to accommodate students who might otherwise not be able to take these courses,” she noted.

She said the courses would be taught using the “new generation of programming languages” and will teach both a “beginner’s” and “advanced” style of coding.

Students will also learn how to code using the latest in technologies.

In a statement, Ms Anderson said “some of the key principles of software development are as old as computer science itself” and were “often overlooked by students in their preparation for college or university courses”.”

While we are committed to ensuring all students are able to gain access to the curriculum, we recognise that not everyone is going to be able, or able to learn the concepts and techniques of software engineering as well as coding.

This new course will enable us to better support students who wish to explore this exciting field of knowledge, which is important in today’s digital world.” “

It will help our students get involved in our industry, as well help them prepare for the opportunities of becoming a software developer or engineer,” he said.

“This new course will enable us to better support students who wish to explore this exciting field of knowledge, which is important in today’s digital world.”

Follow the ABC’s digital news coverage on Twitter at: #AACCCnews

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