What to do when your iPhone falls on the floor or crashes into your desk

A man who’s been using the Apple Watch has found himself in a bit of a sticky situation, after the smartwatch fell into the desk of his desk.

After his iPhone fell into his desk, the man, who asked to remain anonymous, noticed that the screen had been covered in scratches, so he decided to take the time to repair it.

“I looked up the specs on it and it had a 6-inch display and it was really, really good,” he told the New York Times.

“The screen was pretty clear and crisp.

It had a high resolution.

So I just went in and took it out.””

I just took it to AppleCare,” he said.

“And they sent it back, and they said, ‘Well, there’s a warranty.’

And I was like, ‘Oh, OK, well I can get a replacement, but it’s going to cost me more.'”

So he took it home, took it apart, and used a pair of pliers to try to get it off the display.

“And I could see the screen was scratched,” he added.

“So I took the screen apart and I looked in there and I just had this little scratch on the screen.”

So he got his iPhone out of there, but then the screen went back up, and the scratch was still there.

He decided to get the replacement Apple Watch, and he took a picture of it and sent it to a tech support representative.

“It was in pretty bad shape,” he explained.

“I was like oh my God, I need to get a second opinion.”

AppleCare eventually found out about the scratch and told him it could be repaired.

“They said they’d send me another one,” he noted.

“After a few weeks of going through the process and getting an Apple Watch and trying to repair the scratch, they said that I would be able to get another one.”

It turns out the company actually does repair Apple Watches.

So the man is happy to have found a replacement watch for his iPhone.

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