How to make a new gaming platform for a new age

The Gearbox team has created a platform for games that aims to make the PC obsolete.

The Gear, like the Gear VR, can be played anywhere.

This is an exciting new way to make games on the go.

The headset can even connect to your TV via HDMI.

You can play your games at home with your Android TV or Chromecast.

The hardware is cheap and fast, and it has a good battery life.

It can play games in 1080p and 60fps with a little effort.

The best part about it?

You can use the Gear to make an immersive experience for any time of day, day in and day out.

Gearbox says the Gear is built for VR, and you can experience it right in front of your TV.

That means you can watch a VR movie with the Gear.

You could even go as far as using it as a virtual couch, or just as a place to rest when you get tired.

The developers have also made the Gear the first consumer-grade VR headset to include an Oculus Rift compatible controller.

That allows the GearVR to run games and games controllers from the Oculus Rift, without needing to buy a separate headset.

GearVR is the first VR headset from Gearbox to come preloaded with Oculus Rift support, and the developers say the new hardware makes it easy to get started.

The Oculus Rift is a $300 headset, and with this release, you get a great price for a headset that has a powerful new controller.

This allows you to get into VR with no additional cost.

GearBox says the Rift is compatible with all of the major VR platforms, including the Oculus, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Microsoft’s Hololens.

This includes the PlayStation VR.

With the Rift, you can have the best experience in VR.

That includes games that you would have otherwise only be able to play on your PC.

The developer says you can use your PC to run all of these apps and games, even those you may have been limited to using on your smartphone.

You get a more immersive experience when you’re not tethered to your computer.

This makes for a more personal experience, and more immersive experiences mean more sales.

The only drawback to the Gear’s controller is that it is limited to the Oculus Touch controllers, which is not the same as the Gear controllers.

The original Oculus Rift included a wireless headset.

The new Gear VR offers a controller that will work with all current headsets.

You don’t need to buy the new Oculus Rift to use the new controller, but it will still work with the original Oculus.

There are still a few caveats with the controller.

You need to be connected to the same internet as your PC in order to use it.

If you’re going to buy an Oculus, you’re likely going to need an Oculus controller.

If your PC is too old, the developers suggest you buy a newer model to use with the new GearVR.

The controller does not support controllers from HTC or PlayStation VR yet.

The controllers are also limited to Android devices, but the Gear has a lot of room for expansion.

The next step is to integrate the Gear controller with the VR headset, as the developers are now working on integrating this functionality with Android phones and tablets.

This will enable you to use your phone or tablet to control the Gear, or vice versa.

This integration is going to be very useful for gamers, because the games will run on any device that has an Oculus headset.

This has the potential to make Gearbox’s Gear VR the fastest and most immersive VR headset around.

Gear, Gear, and much more Gearbox is working on its own VR app that will allow gamers to create their own games on their phones.

That will include Gear VR and GearVR-powered apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Gear has already worked with Google to integrate its own virtual reality apps into Google Play.

This means that the developers can add their own custom VR apps that run on GearVR and Gear VR-powered phones.

This new app will be called Gear, but this is not just a way to bring GearVR into Google Maps.

This app will allow users to create and share their own VR apps, which can then be used on Gear VR.

This can be done right from the Gear home screen.

The app will also let users create their Gear VR experiences on other devices.

For example, if you want to create a Gear VR experience on your Android phone, you’ll need to download the Gear app on your phone.

You’ll be able add it to your GearVR, and then share it with other users on Gear.

Gear VR is still in the early days.

The company has only had one prototype to show off, and Gear, in the meantime, has been working on new Gear apps and a new version of Gear VR that has been optimized for use with Oculus Touch.

Gear will likely release an SDK later this year to

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