The Software Definition of Deep Fake

The software definition of deep fake is a software that can be installed on your smartphone and downloaded to your PC to do anything it wants.

This software is being sold under the name of “DeepFake” and is marketed to companies for creating fake software to trick users into installing malware or installing malware on their devices.

The software definition software can be used to spy on your users, collect data and monitor your network, among other things.

As per a report by Cyber Security Research Centre, the software definition can also be used for monitoring your device to gather data and tracking your activities, and it can also allow a cyber criminal to steal your password or access your files.

This is especially dangerous if the software is installed on a third-party device.

This could be the case with a smartphone, a smart TV, a tablet, or a gaming console.

It can also install malware on your devices to collect data, such as browsing history, browsing history of your friends, or other information.

It is also used by a lot of cyber criminals, who have been stealing data from a wide variety of devices and are currently targeting more than 70 million people in India.

While the threat of deep-faking software has been a hot topic of discussion, we are yet to hear about any serious incidents of deep faking being reported in the Indian market.

However, it is worth noting that DeepFake software is a relatively new and emerging threat, and we do not expect the software to become a new security threat for the foreseeable future.

The only thing that will deter such attacks is better awareness, better detection, and better detection in the IT ecosystem, which is a big problem in India right now.

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