Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade guide for those running Windows 8 and 8.1

The latest versions of Windows 10 are now available to those running the new operating system, and the software giant is now offering the upgrade free for those who have already upgraded to the newer version.

As Windows 10 becomes more widely available for sale, Microsoft has updated its Windows 10 Upgrade Guide to make it easier for Windows 10 users to get the software up and running.

The guide explains that those running older versions of the operating system can still upgrade to the latest Windows 10 through the Microsoft Store, and those who are running Windows 10 on the latest operating system will be able to upgrade automatically once they upgrade to Windows 10 Professional.

Those who are upgrading to Windows 11 on the new Windows 10 platform will be offered the free upgrade offer via the Microsoft Windows Insider Program, with the option to opt-in to the offer if they want.

Microsoft’s Windows Insider program is one of the main reasons why Microsoft has introduced the Windows 10 Insider Program in the first place.

The company says that it offers its Windows Insider programs to developers and users in an effort to get them to bring their software to the Windows platform faster.

Windows Insider users can also opt-out of the offer by choosing to delete their Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro subscriptions.

Microsoft has also been testing a new Windows Insiders program that allows its customers to get access to a special Windows 10 Beta program.

The new program offers developers and enthusiasts the opportunity to test new software before it reaches the public, and Microsoft says that Windows Insulators will be included in the next Windows 10 Build.

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