How to create a PS4 system with just two hours of coding

When it comes to creating the next generation of gaming consoles, the industry is starting to realize that it’s much more important than ever to create systems with one hour of effort, according to Sony Computer Entertainment head Kaz Hirai.

Speaking with Eurogamer at E3 2015, Hirai said that he and Sony have already been experimenting with the idea of one hour for a PS3 system, but that the company has yet to see any major success in terms of getting it to market.

“We’re seeing the PS4 is really starting to take off, and the more we’re going through this process, the more and more the industry’s recognizing that one hour is a really good starting point for creating a system,” he said.

“And so the question is, what’s the best thing to do to try to get one hour in?

We’ve seen so much success in trying to do a game in one hour, and what’s really interesting is that we have a very small team of people.

So, we’re trying to see what’s working, and we’re looking at different ways to do this.”

Hirai went on to talk about the importance of doing a great job of making sure that your code is as readable as possible, and how you should be thinking about how you’re doing that when writing the code to make sure that you’re not making mistakes.

“I think what you want to do is try to make it as simple as possible so that the user doesn’t have to go through all that extra work,” he added.

“If you’re writing code, you’re really going to want to have something that’s easy to understand and easy to test.”

If you do the code for a game, you should probably have a good, clean and simple codebase.

And that should be the case with any kind of code you’re going to be writing.

“You should try to write a game that doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, that has a good test suite, that you can easily replicate, and that you’ve got a good understanding of.”

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