DJ software developer is forced to pay $1 million to DJ software firm for $1.5m of his software

A DJ software development company has been forced to settle a class-action lawsuit in Florida over the sale of its software to a major company.

The lawsuit was filed in February against DJ Software by Florida-based DJ Software founder and CEO Jason Hennig, whose company also sells DJ software and hardware.

The suit alleged that DJ Software “sold a substantial portion of its DJ software business” to a company called DJ Software Technologies, which “was responsible for selling DJ software for a vast array of DJ products, including the DJ Mixer, DJ Mobile, and DJ Audio,” according to the suit.DJ Software Technologies “was a major component of DJ’s business, and had a substantial business relationship with DJ’s core product, the DJ mixer,” the lawsuit stated.DJ software developer Jason Hennaig said in a statement that he has agreed to pay the settlement “in full” and to cooperate with the investigation into the matter.”DJ has been a great partner and has provided our users with a great product for a very long time,” Hennaigs statement read.

“DJ Software, like other companies in the industry, has a responsibility to its users and customers to provide quality products.”

Hennaigs company, which has been around since the late 1990s, has also been named in numerous lawsuits in recent years for alleged copyright violations, which include a 2011 lawsuit that alleged that it had used a copyright-protected version of the software for its own marketing purposes.

The company has denied the claims and said it will fight any claims of wrongdoing.DJ’s software and equipment has become a hot commodity, with millions of dollars in sales and millions of DJs making their mark.

The company said it would be “committed to providing all our customers with an uninterrupted service.”

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