Why are the fake news sites popping up?

When you click on a link on a fake news site, it’s a lot like reading a newspaper, with the headlines and pictures looking like they belong to you.

The only difference is the words.

It’s a form of news that people are clicking on to read articles they don’t want to read.

You don’t need to be a paid journalist to see these headlines.

You can also see the names of some of the news sites that are linked to it, and you can click through to see more details.

You’re not supposed to be reading them, though, as they are part of the so-called Deep Fake Software.

But that doesn’t mean the sites aren’t fake.

They just aren’t linked to on the sites themselves.

You’ll have to click through.

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, found that some fake news articles have links to legitimate news sites, such as CNN, the BBC, and The New York Times.

The researchers also found that links to other fake news websites appeared in the results of the experiment.

The study, published in the journal Science, was based on a search of the Google News database for articles on Deep Fake software.

Researchers analyzed the results from the Google search data for fake news headlines from September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018.

The results revealed that of the 25 articles that were searched, 24 were linked to the news site with the headline “Fake news websites link to real news sites,” “Fake News sites link to fake news outlets,” or “Fake stories linked to fake sites.”

The article “Fake Trump was a Secret CIA agent” was the only article in the list that did not link to a news site.

The same article, however, had an article on a new fake news website that said, “Trump was a secret CIA agent,” “Trump’s CIA Director Mike Pompeo says Trump is not the CIA director,” and “Trump is not even the CIA Director.”

It also said, “‘Trump’ has been identified as a spy and ‘CIA’ has no actual meaning.”

The study found that the articles linked to Deep Fake sites had a total of 23,824 links to real sites, including links to more than 2,400 sites that were not fake.

This indicates that some of these fake news stories were created by the people who wrote them.

The studies authors also found “that a significant fraction of the links were to real-life news sites.”

Some of these sites included news that appeared to be news sites.

Others included news stories that appeared not to be real news.

And there were many other links, including fake links to websites that were fake news, but did not necessarily belong to any news site in the database.

Researchers concluded that these fake articles were likely created by people who are willing to click on links and make money by making money.

The findings could have important implications for what the media and government can do to combat fake news and fake news bots, which often appear on news sites in order to sell advertising.

“If this study is correct, it suggests that people who create these articles are in a position to profit from their content,” said study author Joshua Smith, a doctoral candidate at UC Berkeley.

Given that people often use social media to engage in political speech and to spread misinformation, we believe that this could have real consequences for the way that media and governments respond to misinformation,” Smith added.

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