‘Wrecking Ball’ – Music software company offers ‘wacky’ $9.99 music production tool

The makers of the $9,999 music production suite Wreckingball, which was featured in the movie of the same name, are offering their own free software called MusicWorks for anyone to download for free.

The software, which includes some popular music production tools like Logic, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro, is the latest in a long line of Wreckers to make its way to the free market.

Its creators, Michael and Katie Perna, who are from St. Louis, say it offers “an incredible, unlimited library of tools and a powerful set of editing and recording tools to help you bring your music to life.”

The software is free and available for download, and users can share their creations with other Wrecker users.

The free software is available on Windows and Mac, and there’s a free trial version for Mac users.

Pernas said the software will be available for Android and iOS devices in the coming weeks.

MusicWorks, which comes with a host of tools like filters, mixers, and automation, comes with four different templates: Ableton and Logic, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and WreckeringBall.

It comes with presets, including a variety of genres including pop, rock, and country.

Parnas said Wreck-ingBall was inspired by the movie “Wreck- it- ing Ball,” which follows a group of musicians and their dream to make a film, which ends with the group losing everything they ever worked for.

Perna said she was inspired to make Wrecked Ball after watching a Wreck on the Water documentary, in which a group from the same group of artists made their movie, which came out in 2012.

“When we saw that, we thought, ‘That would be awesome to make something that is so much better than the original movie,'” she said.

“And we started with the concept of making a music production system, so we thought we could make a music-making software that is even more powerful than the movie was.

So we thought this was a perfect fit.”

Pernas, a software engineer, said Wail, which she developed to help with the film’s editing and effects, was inspired in part by her own work with software that she has used for years.

“I used Logic, and I used Ableton, and then I started to develop a whole new kind of system with this idea of combining them into a unified system,” she said, adding that Wail’s name comes from its modular nature, which allows for customization.

Wail includes a ton of plug-ins that can be used in conjunction with other tools, like Logic and Pro Tools.

The music production features include filters, reverb, and effects.

The software is designed for use on Macs and Windows, and comes with multiple presets for each of those platforms.

For Mac users, Perns said the program has the ability to automatically detect plugins, so you don’t have to search for them on your Mac’s Music tab.

The same goes for iOS users, who can access Wail through the iTunes App Store.

Wreckering Ball comes with free access to all the Wreck software, Parna said.

The free version includes a preset for each platform.

“If you are looking for a more traditional tool that will give you the flexibility of a full production suite, we recommend the Wail suite,” she added.

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