When your employer does your work, you can’t sue them

Google has long been known as a leader in tax software and hardware, and its latest effort to extend that reach is a tax software application for Android smartphones and tablets.

The application is called TaxWorks, and it’s available for both Android and iPhone users, but it also works on Windows, macOS and Linux.

According to the company, TaxWorks can help you “identify the tax relief that you and your employer are eligible to receive under your employer-provided health insurance plan, and receive that tax relief directly through the IRS.”

The application works by downloading tax software from Google and uploading it to the phone or tablet, then using the tax software to find out whether you’re eligible for tax relief.

Google’s website explains that TaxWorks “is designed to help you understand the tax rules in your state, territory or country, and to identify what taxes you may owe, when you owe them, and how much you may be owed.

It also helps you compare tax rates and deductions for different types of taxable income.”

TaxWorks can also show you what tax rates apply in your area, and give you the options to file for refund and deferment of taxes.

TaxWorks also lets you view the tax credits available for different income levels, and you can set up automatic rebates and credits that may be available for certain tax credits, such as child tax credit, and deductions.

The TaxWorks application is also compatible with tax software like Google Apps for Business and Google Apps Tax, and will work on any Android device.

The app is free, but the company has said it plans to charge a $2 monthly fee for premium users, and Google has promised to refund users for any tax software fees that the app does not charge for.

The company has already raised $9.7 million in venture funding and is looking for additional funding to develop the app.

Google has a long history of partnering with startups to help it develop new products and services, and has even launched its own Android app store.

The company also makes its own search engine and has partnerships with Google Maps, Google Play and YouTube.

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