Software company BSA is to launch a $1bn software-based video recording business in Ireland

Software company Bioware, which is based in the UK, has announced a partnership with Irish company Biomarkers to launch the Irish company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) video recording platform in 2018.

Biowares founders, Ian Jones and Tom Henshaw, will be involved in the launch, said the company’s head of business development, Sean Gannon.

Biomarks SaaS platform will be a fully integrated platform for film, television and music production.

The platform will work with existing BSA-licensed video recording equipment, including digital cinema cameras, and new hardware and software.

Bioms SaaSS platform is the world’s largest provider of professional software and services to record, edit and distribute films and music.

It has offices in the US, the UK and Australia.

The company, which was founded by Henshall and Jones, was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Dublin.

Biommarkers will take over the software business for the Biomakes Saass platform.

The Biomakers Saaasa platform will offer video production and editing services for film and television production, including live action and digital.

The first-of-its-kind platform will allow film and TV production teams to deliver high-quality, high-definition, high fidelity digital video with the same efficiency as traditional video production, said Biomans founder Sean Gannan. 

Mr Gannon said Biommarks Sasa will be based in Dublin, and the Irish studio is also looking at a second-generation Saaas offering. 

“The software and the hardware is already in place,” he said.

“It is a matter of getting the right people in place and then delivering a high quality product.”

Mr Gannon was speaking to the Irish Independent ahead of the launch. 

Biomarkets Saaass platform is a fully-integrated video recording service that enables the creation and editing of professional film and music audio. 

The software will also allow users to upload and edit footage, and will be able to generate royalty-free video-sharing credits for use in the Biommaker Saaasses platform.

Biomes Saaason platform is an all-in-one solution for creating, editing and distributing digital content. 

It will allow producers to: capture and store digital audio, video, and image content from anywhere, including home and mobile devices; capture, edit, share and distribute video, music, and film from anywhere; create and share a high-resolution video and image library; and create and edit digital video, audio, and video clips. 

According to the Bioms website, Biommans Saaases is “the first platform that enables film and digital content creation and distribution, with the capability to capture and edit video, edit film and audio, generate royalty free digital content credits and share video and audio with anyone”.

The Biommakers platform will also offer a number of services including: film and video editing, production and licensing; software licensing, licensing, and production support. 

Earlier this year Biommackets said it had invested €10m in the business. 

Its launch follows a major investment by Biomax in a joint venture with the BBC World Service to produce and sell commercial television series. 

As well as the Biomas Saaasse platform, Biomackets SAAAS platform has been acquired by Biommas, which plans to open its own video recording studio and film production studios. 

With the introduction of the Biomes platform, it is hoped the Irish market will become the world leader in the video production industry, with Biommains Saaase offering a similar level of quality and value to its competitors. 

Irish Independent

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