How can analytics transform your business?

“Business analytics can help you derive meaning from data, in order to make better decisions.”

IQ Logic can help you simplify and automate your workflows and reshape your processes so they’re truly aligned with your business priorities. And that means tomorrow will be better than today.

The numbers don’t lie…

More and more businesses use business analytics to tell them more about their customers, their products, their activities and their finances, so they can plan for the future and make better decisions.

User Analytics

People, Behaviors + Trends

Devices are just tools in people’s hands. What you really need to know is how they’re using those tools, and why.

Process Analytics

Digital + Automated Workflows

Pinpoint the inefficiencies in your processes, simplify and optimize them according to your business priorities.

Document Analytics

From Data to Page

Every document that’s created potentially represents a task that could have been done in a different, cheaper way.

Device Analytics

Global View Across Devices

Help predict device failures reducing downtimes that can have adverse impact on operations and thereby profits.

IQConnect business analytics tool allows you to aggregate, customize and report on your data in real-time. By visualizing this information in a single view you can more accurately know actual costs and systems efficiency revealing some eye opening insights.

The power of universal transparency, from the largest corporate networks that span the globe, to the smallest systems, allowing you to drill down from country… to region… to location… with ease showing you the benefits you can gain from streamlining your devices, documents, users, and processes.

Analytics Makes a Better Business
IQ Logic shows you how you can use real-time analytics to become more efficient and waste fewer resources so you can make better management decisions and embark on some smart improvement initiatives.